The best eats, sips, and sights in Madrid, Spain

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If you’re planning a trip to the city of the "Bear and the Strawberry Tree," here are a few musts for eats, sips, sleeps, and sights. Be sure to bookmark or pin this one! 

On my way to Morocco with Nomoon Travel, we had a stopover in Madrid for a couple nights, which means we enjoyed endless vermouth tastings, local tapas, and explored urban art in Malasaña. 

Did you know that Madrid has the most bars per capita out of any European country? While I was in Madrid, I was also photographing on-assignment for Lime, and learned that it is also one of the best cities in Europe for mobility and micro mobility options, making it easy (and fun) to get around.



Ruda Cafe (@rudacafe) | Best coffee we had while in Madrid, plus a great atmosphere. You can order avocado toast and light breakfast noms like vegan banana bread, lemon pastries, and homemade cookies. 


Pez Tortilla (@peztortilla) | By far, the best Spanish tortilla and croquets in all of Madrid. Order the lasagna vegetable "croquetas," a tortilla (very different than traditional Mexican tortillas, and unique to Spain) of your choice, and a local brew on tap! There are two locations. We went to the La Latina location, but the two locations are pretty close to one another and you likely can't go wrong with either one. Ask for green olives (complementary) on the side. They’re delicious!

Mesón del Champiñon (@mesonchampinonmadrid) | Cave-like environment, known for their mushroom tapas! I recommend standing and ordering at the bar to get a plate of the mushrooms with toothpicks, then move on to another tapas spot to sit down. 


Astor (@restauranteastor) | Fusion and cocktail kitchen in the heart of La Latina, known for its wines exclusively selected to accompany each dish and its elaborate cocktail menu that’s constantly evolving. We didn’t make it here (too many vermouth tastings), but it was at the top of our list for a sit-down meal with an inviting ambiance. Make a reservation ahead of time to get a spot for you or your party.

Restaurante Amazonico (@amazonico_restaurante) |


Mama Elba Heladeria | Ice cream and artisanal desserts shop with vegan-friendly options. They also have coffee and their staff is incredibly friendly. 

Bajocero | Our go-to gelato in Madrid. There are several locations, so find the one that is closest to you. My favorite flavor combination was a scoop of coconut topped with a scoop of raspberry (both vegan and dairy-free). 

Chocolaterie San Gines | The “Cafe Du Monde” of churros in Madrid. They’ve been making churros with chocolate for over 120 years (since 1894). This is the perfect late night dessert spot to split an order of churros and chocolate with someone. Stick with the basics and order the regular-sized churros and chocolate. 



Palo Santo | Grab a cup of coffee or a cappuccino before you begin vermouth tastings around this neighborhood.

Cocktails and Vermouth Tastings

The Hat Rooftop | Known for its rooftop view, its house-made Vermouth Rosso, and cocktails in a bag. Definitely a must while in Madrid!

Cubiertos de Gloria | Corner spot with great house-made Vermouth. Stop in, drink Vermouth from the barrel, and roll to the next tapas spot on your list! 

Sidreria el Tigre | Vermouth with great tiles and ambience.

Angel Sierra | House made vermouth, oldest tavern in Madrid at 101 years old.


We stayed in this Airbnb near Plaza Mayor, in the Centro neighborhood. 


  • Statue of the bear kissing the strawberry tree | A popular photo spot among locals and tourists–this statue represents Madrid’s code of arms.

  • Plaza Mayor | A major public space in the heart of Madrid, the capital of Spain, surrounded by 200+ balconies, restaurants, and local artists and vendors.

  • Mercamadrid | The 2nd biggest fish market in the world, selling over 400 different types of fish

  • Gran Via | | just widened for bicycles and micro mobility for the people, beyond just cars, people to walk 

  • Restaurants Sobrino | Oldest restaurant in the world, built in 1725 

  • Caixa Forum | A breathtakingly beautiful living wall in the middle of Madrid’s urban landscape  

  • Malasaña | A happening, student-friendly area, with streets filled with coffee shops, bakeries and vintage clothing stores. The Plaza del 2 de Mayo, a historic square lined with lively bars and weekend market stalls, is a popular meeting spot. 


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